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Life in Iowa interns are working in 14 counties this summer.


Contact the Life in Iowa office if you would like additional information about the program or would like to be added to the 2006 contact list.
Orientation Materials for Employers
Trips to Poland for employees! Choose your place and find accomodation: Ustronie Morskie find ➲ and Karwia find ➲
Dziwn√≥w find ➲

Internships That Make A Difference

Life in Iowa links college students and Iowa employers to showcase the vibrancy, entrepreneurship and quality of life that Iowa has to offer as a place to work, and equally important, a place to live and live well.

The project has roots in the land-grant mission that higher education should combine practical and liberal learning, be available to the masses, and extend the university to serve the people of the state. Life in Iowa engages students and citizens, as well as Iowa State University Extension staff who provide a vital link between campus and communities.

Life in Iowa internships are a unique summer experience that includes a paid internship, community service, and academic credit.

Page last updated June 6, 2005